it’s hard. living a life is hard. and actually making sense of it is harder. screw those guys that says life is what we make it. how come as hard as i try, my life is still not the way i wanted it to be?


last night i’ve met with the mongay (monday gay) group. and i’ve met my, as in my edward. if edward is reading this he would have killed me! :p anyways… i’ve met him last week, from the moday group also. he is no looker but i like him. i like him so much. i actually feel sickly today cause i stayed up late just to see him. i call him from time to time. at lease once a day, and long hours during the dawn. that’s why i sometimes feel hagard even on the day. i should invest in a good concealer to hide my eyebags. he has this something that mystifys me. i just can’t put my finger on it. and i intend to find out on of this days. no just this weekend because i’m going to palawan. palawan baby! el nido for a good relaxing weekend… hopes it doesn’t rain. as for edward… i texted him now reminding him to have lunch…. i really need to go out more….


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