am here facing my “power” office computer. if NBI would raid my office they would certainly have something to shut our office down :D. listening to madonna singing my jazz-national-anthem, vouge. i have to dance this again when i do my audition to julliard school for the performing arts, my dream dance school. the computer is doing a defrag on my drive C:, good thing that this pc is a dual boot, i can use this while it is doing its defrag on a different drive.

last week, i hospitalized. the doctors, specialist and consultants on there own rights, have advised me to rest. i didn’t. i had an upper respiratory track infection, tonsilitis because of my cough, aneurysm and heart murmurs. so i have 3 specialist now, a neurologist, a pulmo and a cardiologist. i think i’ll be having a urologist also. they are suspecting that i have kidney stones. bummer. my hatred of hospitals and doctors is taking a new turn…

i am thinking of leaving my profesional career and trade if for a dancing career. i know it doesn’t pay that much but i love to dance. not the type you see in the television of the kind you see at discos. i wanted to go back to theater and dance there. classical and technique dancing. the expression of one’s soul. it has been years that i have been barring my creative side. before i used to write poetry, watch plays, go to museums. nurturing the artistic side of me… now it’s more of gym and more gym. occasional book reading but not as much as i use to.

love is a beautiful thing. – macy gray


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