beat down, dried out…

i have to stop raving how my work is killing me? i really do. so instead i’m looking for a new reason why i feel shitty for the past couple of weeks…

1. the darn traffic in the south luzon express way is taking most of my travelling time. just imagine 4 hours of commute just to get the office and back home.
2. my uniform. i really hate it. it’t like a mantle of a table top of a restaurant. or should i be thankful that at the very least it’s not from TGIF?
3. my md player conking out of me. blasted expensive piece of contraption! i should have really stayed with my CD player…
4. i wasn’t able to attend my dance classes last sunday. i slept the whole day through. we actually it’s mainly because i went out and partied the night before and went home 7.30 in the morning. but hello!!!! i’ve been doing that for ages!!!
5. my mom is sick, so am i.

sometimes my hand trembles, i don’t know why…

to a friend who loves the sofa so much…

a friend left her keys at the office. ehehehehe. well she managed to get in the house courtesy of a darn dormmate but she still can’t go in her room. so she stayed in the in the living room. 😀

she asked me why all this misfortunes are happening. i retort back.. why am i gay?

don’t let me ask that question again. if i do, kill me! i’m gay because i am. simply put. this is not a choice nor a preference. this is me. people thinks that being gay is living a promiscous life. trust me darling it is not. it is not a walk in the park. like straight people, we have problems, pain, sorrow, happiness… we know all this things. and we live a more complicated life. it’s not supposed to be, but people complicates people. we have to fight for our right. to secure a spot under the sun. to tell the world that i am gay and i belong here just as well as you do.

i am gay and i’m not sorry for that. i’m gay and i am proud of that. i am gay and whether you accept that or not, i am still gay. and i am here, not going anywhere…


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