starting again

i’ve done it! congratulate me! i have resigned from my old job!!! 3 cheers for the the victorious! my last day from my old job was the 30th of december. it was a thrill when i finally handed in my resignation letter. but was greatly disappointed on how my new manager took it. like… “ok. let’s discuss tomorrow your last day and project status”. what? after three and a half years of my prime life that’s all i get? fuck! in any case. i’ll be leaving this shithole for a better one. so sayounara baby! and aloha to the next!!!

fast forward to now… the 19th of january. i actually started my new job a week earlier, 12th. in a bigger company. i’ll rest my laurels here and see how it would workout for me. and i really do hope so….

starting again from scratch. rose and i transferred both here, however we got separated. she is in a project and i am in the training bench. with all these young people around me. i suspect not older than 22. sheesh!!!what am i doing here? in this company. not actually in their company kinda way. i even don’t know them. they are a rowdy bunch. eating together and laughing their heart’s contents. reminds me of my friends during our early years at work, eating together. and i fondly remember our friday lunches. when we take extra long hours at lunch. not minding our supervisor’s sadako-lookalike stare when we get back at the office. ATC’s kenny rogers’ and racks have our very own seats. reserved for us… blessed those 2 restaurant for they have closed already.

embarking on a new journey here. finding new friends, and i really hope i’ll find one, if not many. establishing yourself once more. new rules. new guidelines. what fun!

* to love is to stop resisting – the deli man in “it had to be you” by timothy james beck


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