old ties die hard…

seen my “lost” friend lately. we parted ways last april but our gap was started last january. i thought it was just my paranoia. but it wasn’t and things got out of hand. i would spare you the details of such a petty thing gone out of hand. but can friendship last a betrayal? too much a word to use but can not think of a more appropriate word. how about windows 95, user friendly! deep inside i want to have what we used to have. i want the laughter we share, the fun we had, the way i use to scold her with every mistake she made… but then i am reminded the pain she caused me. the feeling that i am worth less that i am.

i hope there is still room for forgiveness in me.


what do you do when the person that you hate gives you more reasons to hate him? i know that harboring bad thoughts and meaning another person ill is un-yogi but… i thought yoga is enough for me to change my view of other people. to see beyond.

most of the time i think that it’s me, that there’s something wrong with me. that i am too cynical, i’ve grown too weary and tiresome. maybe i have. or maybe the world is just conniving to make me feel this way.

do not blame me for the blisters in your foot, you walk your way into that.


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