it was just a routine sunday for me, tv, couch, foods, when the ad for “now that i have you” was shown. yeah, i must agree… it’s just another teen, feel good flick featuring a cute guy (ooppsss! did i say cute?!?) and, ok, cute gal. for those who knows me well enough, i am not the one who will go ga-ga over some so-so movie. so what the heck am i writting about… it’s its by line… it really made me think…

falling in love doesn’t have to be perfect, its just got to be real…

now you can shoot me! i’m still not that cynical enough to laugh off this line and call it crap. i don’t know about dahon, but it made me think… is it a form of compromise? should i not compromise? what happen now to my eternal song i know him by heart by vonda shepard?

why am i blue? ohh…. pretty lights….


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