my greatest influence in life

about 60 years ago, a great man was born. he came from a noble family with great aspirations in life. he loved his family so much, being the youngest, he was loved by everyone. he was very close to his elder brother, ernesto, which the family fondly calls burne. he was called totoy, that being the youngest in the brood.

he grew up to be a fine man. took up veterinary medicine to help out one of the family businesses which was poultry raising. his mother also sold fruits in a far away market, arangque. there he found the woman of his dreams. it was a rocky path to bliss. the woman’s family, being a conservative chinese, wouldn’t allow him to see her. and his color, a dark chocolate brown, which he got from his mother’s ancestry, wouldn’t match the woman’s silky white complexion.  and she was about to leave the country also, going to the states. but he kept on pursuing until he won the heart of the beuatiful lady. however, she got disowned.

they live happily in totoy’s family. there, the woman was more than welcome to be part of his family. they loved her, and she love them too. they were blessed with a daughter, which they call tootsie, from all the tootsie rolls the woman ate during her first trimester. totoy’s father died. this was a great lost for them. but God had blessed them with another daughter. totoy left the country to pursue greener pasture away from the country. the family’s fortune was gone after a costly legal battle that concerns his most liked brother, burne. on one if his trip, they lost their 5th child, rodel. the woman suffered heavily from grief and anger. he immediately went home and console his loving wife. they were blessed again with their 6th child.

totoy  love his family, he did everything he can do, to some extent, more than that, to protect them. for this, he is my idol…

happy birthday dad, i miss you….


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