pointe shoes


it had been a while that i have shelved my pointe shoes. i used to dance regularly before but a sudden change of lifestyle made me side step dancing altogether and shift to yoga. it’s not that i turned my back to dancing!, i can’t! i’m dance personified! yoga gives me the calmness and stillness that i need.

dance defines me. i miss the slow adagio flicking to arabesque, falling gently on the floor with a half stand preparing for a double piroutte… pique,pique, gallop, strides to right… i used to be always on the front row, to hell if the instructor spittles as he speaks or if the head choreographer throws things at you. well i was lucky enough before that when he threw an ash tray, i ducked.

i may have put my pointe shoes up in the drawer, but that doesn’t mean i gave up on it. 🙂


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