the narrative of one’s existence

betcha my ass that my grade 1 teacher, mrs. eusebio, is not reading
this! nor my grade 6 math teacher and class adviser isn’t too.they
still have grab theconcept internet and would gladly keep a teacher’s
class record rather an excel sheet. old school my dear, old school.

being brought up by my parents, you would definitely go to a public
elementary school. gawd! most fun! i learn the ins and outs of being a
kid there. the simple pleasure of habulan (tag) or langit, lupa(this
game is too filipino, to religious if you ask me). back in grade 2
learned how to draw. actually mrs. espinosa gave me an art award when
i was in kinder, but i learned that i can draw when i was in grade 2,
under mrs. cabuag. she made us draw the map of the philippines. i was
able to draw it, with eyes closed! no kidding! during recess we would
play tag outside the school yard while my elder brother bulllys
someone. what can i say, he is really a bully. but not to me. one
thing i’m grateful is that no one would dare mess with the brother of
a bully. hehehhehe. in grade 3, ms. morales, the terrror of all
elementary teachers, was my class adviser. goodness!!! those stares!
if looks could kill, 20% of students from sta. quiteria elementary
school have died. don’t mess with her! and you should memorize the
multiplication table or die! specially the 9s, she liked that one. my
dad, his student also, said that she was always like that. that’s why
she is an old maid. grade 4 was different, i had 2 class advisers. my
first, mrs. tan went on leave for 3 months and was replaced by a nice
teacher. she was new, and i forget her name. 😀 there, we were made to
memorize and draw the anatomy of a flower. the stigma, ovary, stem,
pistil, petal and sepal. my gumamela drawing was far better than
anyone, thanks to mrs. espinosa’s direction of how to use colors. 🙂
grade 5 was the mark of somethig serious for me. i became competitive.
i should be an honor student. if i want to go to a good high school.
and all of my siblings are honor students, that was expected for me.
pressure build up. i became active, joining school program. i danced
folk dances, joining speech oratorical contest. quizz bee, math
olympiads, sabayang pagbigkas. name it. my parents encouraged, my
teachers indulges, my peers joins, i became scared. in any case, it
paid off. i became an honor student. this went on to grade 6. my class
adivser was my math teacher. we became close, since i like math so
much. i also became the editor in chief of the ginintuang ani (golden
harvest), the school paper. my science teacher, mrs. onasan made me
interested in chemistry with the simple experiments we did. in
practical arts, we learned how to crochet, cook, sew and weave a
native basket. but i like te cooking better. since we were tasked to
sell also the merienda we prepared. have i told you that i was the
brother of a bully? easy sell! 😀 i graduated elementary with honors,
an acceptance from a private high school, a medal for math
proficiency, and the most important of all, a childhood i’ll never


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