you complete me…

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higashi-rinkan-station, originally uploaded by dahon.

kill that blasted writer who wrote that bloody line! like, hello! anyways, enough with the movie who made almost everyone i knew cry and made me wanna blog the whole movie and lambast it…

this is long overdue, and so is my intuitive reading done by a wonderful empath, bong. paging kat! you have yet to give me that reading. and so is my woosa.

i belive that God is wonderful God. He wouldn’t let me rot in the ditches or make me wonder what i have done with my life. God will send you someone who will be with you as you journey life. like carrie, i believe that there are several people out there who are your soulmate. in a world full of billions of people, how can you find that one true person? well you don’t have to. they will find you and will make your life more meaningful. they will always be there for you, holding your hand as you take that step to the great beyond. never judging you, just being there. being your friend….

to the tsongers, my friends, my soulmates. you complete me. (takes a knife and stab himself to death! – how’s that for an ending?)


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