new me!

have you noticed my new pic? 😀 ain’t it dandy? at first i didn’t like this stuff toy that i happen to buy at a bazaar in higashi-rinkan during the bon-odori natsu matsuri. i was about to go back to manila then and was sifting to different things for my omiyage to my friends and family when we came across a booth (more likely a banig!) of stuffed toys. jo and rish were alredy done picking out the good stuff. we came from okurayama and got to higashi past 5 in the afternoon. the kind lady threw the unwanted stuffed toy in my shopping bag, sort of like dagdag for my buying there. at first i was asking jo to exchange this odd-looking, green monster. but no one seem to want it. even when i got back at manila, nobody wants to own it. i almost given it up to bantay bata 163, my favorite charity, but i think they wouldn’t want it also. they wouldn’t want to scare the children, would they?

so i was left my monster here….

now, i can’t seem to give it up. it has grown on me. it’s crooked smile, or frown, or glare. it’s chink eyes, or stare, or sad face. it’s imperfection… it grew on me. it reminds me that there’s beauty underneath it all.

love you green monster-thingy!


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