when all else fails

feeling down and out. work is burning me out. with endless pressure
and demands. countless changes, never moving deadline. i am so
harassed today and yesterday. 2 meetings, morning and night, lasting
for 2 hours. each! i so need my yoga… i hope the group will hire a
yoga instructor to break the monotony from time to time…

i remember watching oprah, that
when you feel tired and nothing seems to work for you. when it seems
there’s nothing good happening, make up a list of 5 things you are
greatful. keep this list, and make a new one with each passing day.
you will learn to appreciate simple things in life…

now here goes nothing…
1. thank you for the free hot choco in the office. keeps me warm and
fuzzy everyday.
2. manang in front of SGV who sells squid balls. it’s not her squid
balls that’s worth raving, it’s her sauce! gawd! i could drink that.
3. 24 hours commute from makati to alabang. if not for that, this
project is doomed!
4. www.blogger.com for having their services free, letting me vent out
all my pent up anger and angst.
5. my bed. for accepting me without question, for being there when i
need it. and for having me for no apparent reason.

smile =) it’s a new day.


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