last sunday, after much sleep because of my 48 hours no-sleep-work-your-butt episode (yes, 48 hours of no sleep), i was able to catch a walk to remember in HBO. okay, okay, it screams teen flick with its cast. but don’t be deceive by the cast, though mandy moore and share west weren’t bad. the adaptation of the famed nicholas sparks novel was good, in my own opinion.

actually, though the movie was good, it’s worth that blogging. so what the heck i’m writing?!? it’s the line my dear. the line that mandy moore uttered when shane west was asking him about going to college. “i don’t want a reason to be angry with God“. awh!….

there are times when we seem to be angry with God, well at least i know i have been. for unanswered prayers, trials and failures. even for being single. okay, i might have something to do with it. but the thing is, everything in this world has its reason. even the falling of the dead leaf from a tree. as my dear friend norie have put it. God has He’s reasons, whatever it is. He knows what’s best for us, for me, for you.

and for what it’s worth, i have faith in Him.


One thought on “shucks!

  1. pogs, good to know that. 🙂 minsan talaga, we are given trials. may times nga na hindi lang minsan. pero like you said, God has His reasons. pedeng hindi natin maintindihan but we have to believe that it’s all for the best. 🙂

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