hay buhay (hay life)…

i was trapped! yes trapped in a 4 hour traffic going home yesterday. 4 hours in the south expressway. come to think of it, it is really not an expressway… i left for the office around 11.00pm and walked along ayala avenue going to EDSA. then a down pour of mad rain came blazing! it’s like pebbles being thrown at you. it hurt! so i hailed the first R&E cab i was able to find. R&E is the only taxi that i trust. the good natured driver agreed to take me to alabang. but alas! as soon as we reached the ramp going to skyway, traffic!!!!

for 4 hours me and the kind hearted driver were at the mercy of the storm (yes, PAGASA decalred it as a storm) and the unjust skyway. good thing i have some snacks in my bag.

to the driver of the cab, though i wasn’t able to get your name, thank you po! for charging me by the meter and not taking advantage of your passengers though it’s raining like hell. 🙂


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