work from home (and at the office)

went home kaninang umaga. like i stayed in the office from 10.00am friday till 6.00am saturday. and now i’m back saturday evening for a conference call with some brazilian and americans… this is not a regular weekend for me. my regular weekend is i stay from friday morning till sunday morn. yes, 2 straight days… the office already gave me a very efficient and power notebook so i can work from home. but that’s only for my 7.00-8.30am conference call. the internet can not connect to some servers at the office.

i really wish i can work from home so i don’t have to go in the office. specially now that it’s raining like hell…


One thought on “work from home (and at the office)

  1. oo nga, tsong. kung ganyan ka rin lang magtrabaho, mas ok na sa bahay. 🙂 yun nga lang, kung meron kang conference calls, isipin mo na lang kung magkano ang magiging bill mo sa phone.

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