things that makes you wanna…

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officemates, originally uploaded by friedreich.

in liue of things that is happening around me (yes i’m selfish as some people have bluntly pointed out), i’m trying to find out reasons for me to stay. it’s been a very trying and tiring month for me. and unlike mariah carrie, i can only hope that i can make it through the rain. nay, storm of my life. i can only wish that i have the courage and wisdom to do the right thing. right, meaning not what is only right for me but for once, the really right thing.

to my papa manager, thank you for the wisdom you shared. not only on the technical side but also the wisdom of your friendship. i thought i can never get along with any manager. boy, i’m glad that i was wrong on that one. in any case, you don’t know about this blog site and i bet even if you know, you won’t read it anyway. eheheheh. :p

friends that i found, laugh with, share “moments” with, you are really, trully a part of my life…


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