back at work

hmmp! yesterday i took the day off and worked from home. ok, semi-worked from home. i can never resist the inviting tv and the dandy remote. jonald texted me early morning but i told him i’ll be workingfrom home. not feeling that well. watch tv. watch tv…. watch some more…

just when i was to get my butt of fthe couch, a heavy downpour of rain! argh!!! f*ck! just when i had the energy to hit the gym. my luck! after 2 hours of relentless pouring, the rain let-up. jonald texted back, he was coming home early to talk on the phone. well, i gotta do the gym you know. am not paying 3k a month to blow it all off to smokes! he didn’t approved me leaving, and told me just to take a rest. i still went to the gym! 😀

now… at the office with 53 new mails. argh!!!!!!!!!!


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