new things, old things.

i got my new haircut! see!!! see!!! most of them says that it’s becoming while some says that they like my hair long. but my hair is too long for comfort in this humid country and my hr representative is doing her rounds, again. so last friday i finally had my hair trimmed… it’s kinda refreshing the way that it’s easier to manage. i can style it better but the freaking hair is kinda short for some style i grew to love. anyways, it will grow back…

jonald noticed my new do, i dunno if he liked it or not. he haven’t texted me yet. hmm, what’s up with that. well he was home yesterday. i cooked eggs and instant pancit canton for him. he doesn’t like onions which is a good thing. i love ’em. so i took all the onions. yum, yum! we just stayed in the living room. as we watch what was showing in HBO. he was the one doing the watching. he fell asleep in my arms. i missed him, last week we weren’t able to see each other because he has iritated eyes. then this hunk of log just slept! gonna kick his butt when he wakes up!

well it’s pass 12 noon and i have to ready. my yoga classes is at 3. wish we have more time…


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