choco-hazel nut flavored devil

devil incarnate.JPG, originally uploaded by friedreich.

last friday, earthquake and all, we celebrated the 26th natal day of a goddess, in her own right. me, kat and the goddess, all makati girls took a cab to eden’s place. were all of them are already partying. erwin, the san mig light king was holding the mic for all he cares, obviously drunk. while others were happily chatting and eating. gosh! been a while since i last saw most of them…

andrew just came back a week ago from his long stay in japan. einstein, alone in msi. martha and her bulate, tin and art who’s so LOYAL to our old company. andrew, the self procalimed tanggero imediately handed us 2 rounds of mang jose, cuervo to non-tsongers, to get us 3 to the “heat” of things. after downing the bottle, andrew open the frangelico bottle. yum yum! ‘taste like chocolate’ i said. kat said it was hazel nut. and the birthday girl was so into the yummy concoction that she wanted it all! with the lemon dipped in sugar. after finishing the bottle, again, we ran out of drink. no more san mig light, no more tequilla, no more choco-hazel nut alcohol. i bought another bottle of mang jose at 7-11. returning, the goddess of leaf was now the goddess of beddings, matress and pooh pillow…

the remaining, played one-7-11. a crazy game. do not attempt to play this drunk, you’ll end up more drunk and with huge hang over. i know, i played.

one hell of a night.

note: i left much info out, for rose will kill me if i ever spilled out those details. πŸ˜€


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