totoo pala

last friday, i did was i am good at, bar hopping! i was actually on a date. ok, he’s not good looking, but he ain’t bad. well knowing myself, i would scamper given the chance from a bad date. also read as a bad looking date. i actually was interested in him, not interested- interested, because he reminds me myself when i was in college. rugged jeans, torn sneakers.

so i was with him, we met at SBC in greenbelt 3. then decided to eat at mc do. well i was craving for fries that night and mc do has the best fries in town. while eating, he excused himself upon receiving a text message. how polite i taught. then he looked on his left, so i followed his gazed, being usisero and all. lo and behold, my crush from malate. my date approached him and gave something. well that something was… e. ecstassy to non party goers… i was dating a druglord!!! i told him that i know. and we talked about drugs and other drugs that he deals. from valium to ketamhine hydro-something that is suppose to be an anesthetic for animals. man, i was really dating a druglord! well the playful and inquisitive me got the better of me and decided to hang out with him. i was tagging along as he deals e with the party goers. from v-bar to club v to club halo. they were buying and chewing this drug like it was a breathe freshner. a girl bought 6 e for herself! and bought another 2 after an hour! my date rand out of e andwe went to his dealer. who, like it was a suprise, is a club owner.

i have to say that i was tempted to try, with all those drugs passing in front of my eye. but like i said to my date, my fear is far to greater than my curiosity.

we parted ways around pass 2. i decided that it was still too early, and i think my date was already tired. my guess he took e earlier. i went to malate by myself. and saw the guy that bought e earlier there. major turn off. he ain’t my crush anymore… nope! not a single respect. well a cute, buffed guy tugged me and made out with me. i wasn’t able to get his name though. but we will meet again.

what a friday…


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