tagal na!!!!

ok ok! i know it has been a while. steven already sent me a message in my ICQ reminding me to update this blog. hi baby! mwah! anyways….

a lot has happened since i last updated this life story of mine. last week, i was on a date with bob. he’s a manager in one of the abundant call centers here in makati. so saying he’s from a call center won’t even divulge the tip of his identity. it was ok. he was late though! h made me wait! all for good since i was boy watching at new york cafe. eheheheh. what better way to spend your waiting hours. he finally came, a little shorter than what i expected. i dragged him to ned. no! not the thingy you sleep on or you propagate with, the bar in malate. it was packed! but all is good. he grab a light beer, and me a vodka tonic. it’s more like alcohol with ice. what would you expect from a free drink? danced a little. sway to right. sway to the left. cute guy checking me out in the stairs. cute buff guy passing by. ok, bob noticed and cornered me. what?!?!?!?! how can i boy watch now?!?!?!


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