bummer weekend

last weekend i wasn’t able to go out. aside from the down pour of rain, freaking weather!, i have a terrible toohthace. it started last saturday afternoon. i took 1000 mg of mefenaic acid to no avail. it just made me sleep the whole night. sunday i still have this darn toohtache. can’t eat. can’t do anything. i wasn’t able to go to the gym. all i did was to hold my left cheek annd mumble my pain. i ate fita biscuits drenched in hot chocolate. i can’t take crunchyfood. the fita must be soggy or i’ll just cry myself to death. death by fita biscuits, now that’s a first! i was contemplating of not going to the office today. but then i remembered that we have a meeting! finalising stuff for the training school for java. so i’m here in the office. typing with my right hand, left hand on my left cheek. mumbling my pain…


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