now i get it

sundays… usual routine. i went out for yoga. after my back-bending and enlightening 2 hours of exisitence, i usually go to alabang town center seattle’s best coffee for my ritual coffee/tea after yoga. so there i was, 5.30-ish in the afternoon. i saw jen, a friend one of the baristas there. beso-beso then i hand her my gym bag for safe keeping. armed with a good book and a refillable drip coffee, i lounged around my favorite coffeeshop. ocassionally people watching, i saw a group of 3 guys. 1 kinda goodlooking and 2 not worth glancing moreso desserving a second look. before you get all hyped out, i suggest you see them for yourselves… come 7.30, it’s jen’s breaktime so we went out for dinner. actually just her since i’m not that hungry. but we first passed by at smart. my contract with them will be expiring this march 11 and i availed my retention program with them. i’m getting this baby! already reserved the unit. 🙂 headed back ot the cafe and smoked with jen. we did our catching up for the week. i only get to see her on the weekends at the cafe. breaktime was over. she headed back to work and i stayed for a while…

this is a typical sunday for me. and now i’m realizing the whys why i am…


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