living it!

usual sunday…

arriving at the gym, i saw kat, her wet hair, tote bag and car keys at hand. she was multi-tasking, drying her hair while walking fidgeting on the bunch of keys she has. i cut the cut across the burnt grass to meet kat and our usual beso. the darn lady, as obvious as it was, is done with the gym and is about to leave with her (badly bruised) ’99 green honda civic, whick i fondly call bangaw because of its headlights. well kat you know better that i go to the gym only on sundays and that’s after 2.00 in the afternoon! :p did some leg work out and then did yoga. really awesome day…

after yoga i went to my after-yoga-hangout-place. alabang town center seattle’s best in cortes de las palmas. with a box of the insanely delicious Go Nuts Donuts (3 amazing glaze and 3 choco frost), i braved the busy alabang-zapote rd. going to my safe haven. drip coffee and fluffy go nuts really hit the spot! after 3 donuts and 2 grande drip coffee, i decided to pay a visit to my best bud powerbooks and checkout this book that i’ve been waiting for a year now. no, it’s not harry potter and the half blood prince. the waiting list for that is on january and the books will be made available my june/july. it’s this gay lit that i have been a fan! written by 4 talented and equally good authors under the pen name of timothy james beck, it’s the 3rd and final(?) installment to the lives of these amazing people that i have grown to love and admire, and for the one character, fell in love with. i am talking about i’m your man. available at powerbooks (only 1 copy left!!!). a very wity, funny andheart warming tale about a group of people, their lives and how fate would have it, mix, mingle and intertwine.

i highly recomend it to all, gay, bi, straight, curious(?) alike.

happy reading!


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