my room

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headboard, originally uploaded by friedreich.

it was a long weekend. i like long weekends, before i had this freaking accident…

boring… long weekend, nothing to do, very hot early summer. i was suppose to do my long delayed reading. i bought 3 new books that i’m suppose to be reading now. like i said, supposedly. but it’s too damn hot to do anything. so i was lying in the couch in the living room. clicker on the left hand (my right is on a wrist brace if you still don’t know), channel surfing. nothing interesting either. then it dawned on me… i should make an ode to my room! the room that held me night in, and night out. the room that craddles me during those lonely, stormy nights. my rooms that shares my most kept secrets…

so let’s start with my headboard 🙂 just look at it!!!! just above my head while i’m sleeping are the 2 most essential things in my existence. music and books. i just can’t live without them. an officemate (i didn’t know that we are, not until this all hands meeting where he greeted) told me that he always see me with headphones. then i realized that everyday i go to and from work, i have to have my earphones plugged into my ear. well who would like to listen to the noise of ayala avenue and edsa. not me. going back to my headboard, on both ends are some of my cd collection which dahon will inherit once i pass away. that and my haunting ghost. i would like to remind dahon that if ever she goes first, her beautiful white machine is mine. so replace the darn battery already! that in between is my boom box. not actually for its boom, just a cd player. lulls me to sleep when ever i can’t. i can’t forget how this boom box with norah jones covered one night of my life with someone… no iwon’t say his name. a friend told me to shut up if i can’t say anything good about someone. and in between the speakers is a make shift bok case for my gay lit collection. strategically position so it’s handy when i can’t sleep. well some of it, some are on loan. the 3 on top are my most recent purchase which i’m planning to read this holy week. which by the way reminded me that i am on leave starting the 21st. wow! 1 whole week of stress free life. hmmmm…. doing nothing can be as stressfull by the way. scattered(if you can see) are my bottle collection. they are actually sake bottles from japan. hehehhehe. really cool blue bottles. almost got held at the immigration for those bottles. and some candles when i feel so lonely that i feel like jumping from the bed to the floor. shucks, only 3 feet. no wonder i don’t sustain injuries. or just to set the “mood”. hint, hint. 😀

next week, i’m featuring a corner of my room. 🙂


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