valentines on a muffin

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valentine muffin 1, originally uploaded by friedreich.

i was craving for kenny roggers… so i made my way to glorietta 2, near tower records, and eased my way to the busy establishment. i missed their fiesta style chicken. of course the tight part. never liked breast, nor chicken breast. so there i was trying to find a seat on a busy sunday. i was able to get a booth, for my loneself, after waiting for a bout 5 – 10 minutes. i let my shopping bags on the table and fall in line like everyone else. then the customary…

“solo a, fiesta thigh part…
java rice, and extra java rice…
mushroom and garlic please…
yes, yes, large ice please…
choco muffin…
that’s all”

when they handed me the plate, what a cute muffin they have!!! then it dawned unto me, the muffin celebrated valentines… lucky it…


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