5 states, 1 journey

yes, i am going on a trip. yes i don’t want this trip. too much at stake. also read as longer contract witn my company. which was suppose to expire this january of 2006. impatiently waiting for the contract so i can compute how many days/months/years would i be counting for my liberation.

i would be doing kt, for people who’s not familiar with those 2 letters, it simply means knowledge transfer. but not only that, i would be acting the the on-shore technical architect of the project. it’s fine for me to be the technical architect, i have been doing that for the last year but tech arch for 257 applications? hmmmm, that is something i rather not imagine or think about. fat!!!!! i would also be attending 2 trainings, on separate states. redwood city in california and in washington dc. i was looking for a suitable replacement for me, i mightily search the seven seas and 8 buildings of my company to no avail. my manager did not approve my replacements. now i will be going to a journey that will extend my unhappiness… i hear unsolicited advises why did i accept this. well that’s a really good question. i accepted this project, this challenge with a promise to the manager that i would only leave once it is stable. a commitment that i should never made in the first place. now i’m suffering from my own doing. fat!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “5 states, 1 journey

  1. is “fat!!” the new “Shitt!” ? 🙂

    US, wow, pogs! Enjoy! File a leave and travel to new york while you’re there! Pede na pala kami mag-order sa amazon without shipping charges, haha! ano address mo dun? harharhar!

  2. tsong, kuha ka nung marriott rewards na card. sayang ang points kasi pede mo siyang i-convert to airline miles. o kaya kahit na nde mo i-convert, pede kang makakuha ng free hotel stays! 🙂

    enjoy the US. sayang ang opportunity! 🙂

  3. lola kat, ayos na lahat ng miles card ko. from marriot residence in, to marriot hotel to hilton garden inn. eheheh. converted to northwest worldperks ehehehe. ipon ako ng miles for hongkong ehehhe.–>

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