touch down

after 18 hours of flying, hours of wait and transit time and 1.5 hours of driving, i finally got at hotel. marriot resideince inn is comfortable and homey. i got my own kitchen to do some light cooking. that is if i will cook at all. i texted my mom, that’s a first!, when i got to detroit and after i have settled at my room here. was extecting a high speed internet connection but to my dismay, a dial-up only. but it’s free, who am i to complain. i don’t miss him anymore. maybe it’s because it’s too darn cold here. it’s a good thing though. i hope i’ll have the strength that i’ll need to get through this.

kat, you’re right…

breakfast here is fab! jalapeno all you want! well maybe it’s because its my first breakfast here. in anycase i bought some turkey breast, pischutto, bologna and other coldcuts for my sandwich paradise… you won’t like it here guys. nothing to see. the inn is facing us highway 1. unless you’re erwin, so into cars, you won’t like princeton.


One thought on “touch down

  1. tsong, kahit na walang makikita jan kung papadalhan mo kami ng pamasahe para mabisita ka, oks lang! hehehehe! 🙂

    kung wala ka namang makikita jan, you can go to other states na malalapit to do some sight seeing. pictures ha! 🙂

    ingat ka jan, tsong. mwah!–>

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