endless drinking

the mega jug, originally uploaded by friedreich.

i miss my fastfood. last friday night, after seeing the crazy I-95, we decided to eat at a fastfood in new brunswick. princeton is too province like to even have fastfood. after driving some 15 – 20 miles north to newark, the group got at kfc/pizza hut. me, paul, let and joey got separated from tin, bokay and fermin since we taught we were going to wendy’s at downtown new brunswick. we went up the ramp at east 18. after some expensive texting, we met at kfc near walmart along south 1. i was so hungry i could eat a cow! i ordered for the $4 meal which has 2 chicken, 2 side dishes of your choice. i had rice and mash potato with gravy. and of course a biscuit. i really love dr pepper so i had it, i saw on the sign, mega jug. out of my thirst i got the mega jug, and when the crew handed to me the tumbler… OMG! as in OMG! this is not any ordinary drink! it’s a 2 liter, sugfar infused, death causing dr pepper! well the crew punched it in and i already gave him my $6…

moral of the story, only order mega jug if you really are thirsty… 😉


2 thoughts on “endless drinking

  1. mas malaki ba to kesa sa Supersize ng Mcdo… i believe it is… grabe yun nga lang supersize ng Mcdo maghapon ko iniinom eh yan pa kayang 2 liters! grabe…Rommel, try nyo humanap ng Zippy’s dyan… pinakafavorite kong fastfood yun when i was in Chicago.

    Oist rommel, uwian mo naman ako ng 1 Sierra Mist at 2 Dr. Pepper in can o kaya, babayaran ko nalang kung gusto mo. ha ha… Thanks.

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