fucked up

disclaimer: this is an angry post. if you have a heart condition, easily get offended by foul languages or just not able to get by an angry post, move on. this is not for you…

fuck! i’m fucked up. it’s official. hr-s are a big pain in the butt(not generalizing). my previous company now my present. too bad i can’t post my email exchange between me and bitch guy. of course i won the argument but it did not end there. here’s the story…

as you all know that i am in new jersey. and to get here i took a plane (do i really have to do this explanation?), which is in the airport. i took a taxi to go there, cab fare of 600 which is not exorbitant since i came all the way from the province of binan laguna (ok i’m exagerating, it’s not a province). came expense time, i charge the 600 of course to the project. i am in no freaking charity mood. my superior ask for a receipt, which is kinda freaky to me because we all know receipts are foreign to taxi in the philippines. since i don’t have a receipt to show she told me to ask the senior manager, which i did in a very polite and concise mail. as you all know that i hate beating around the bush. bitch guy replied that i need to have a receipt. but like i said to my earlier mail that i don’t have, why would i be emailing them if i have? duh!?!?! anyway, accounting replied that it’s ok not to have as long as it’s justifiable. 600 for binan laguna-naia is justifiable, i think. but that wasn’t in the question, bitch guy was really head on not to approve my reinbursement. saying i needed to have a receipt! fuck! haven’t he read accounting’s email? repeating his earlier statement and decidedly not to approve my reinbursement. i was up to my neck, fuck! give me my money! i replied sarcastically, quoting accountant’s email. then it stopped, the email exchange…

present, i im-ed my superior for another concern. she retorted that she wasn’t happy me quoting her that she required a receipt. hello! she told me that. what else should i do? make up stories? she told me that i could have rephrased my email. how about the the bitchy mails by bitch guy, what should i do? sulk? me? sulk? fuck! i dont do sulking… superior told me that it was insubordination? fuck! is this an ultimatum? insurbordination followed by dismissal? fuck you! insubordination because of a bitchy email? do you have a thesaurus? google insubordination and see what it means… maybe dismissal is good, so i can get out of this fucked-up situation i am in.

i am so fed up with this project. i came to help them. now i wonder if i should have my caring bone removed.


3 thoughts on “fucked up

  1. Requestor: Your request has received all necessary approvals. Please print
    this approval document and the attached form. Staple together the expense form
    first, followed by the approval page, and finally receipts (taped to 8.5 x 11″ paper).
    hehehe.. sa amin una approval bago hingi receipt =)–>

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