eating under the green green grass…

last sunday, a group of deeply bored onshore-professional-corporate-slave (us) decided to go on a trip. some 110 miles from the borrow we call home, we visited a nice park in the midst of a bustling city. after some 45 minutes of strolling along the perimeter of the park, we found parking. us group in the west side, and the other group in the east. 2 blankets, 2 pillow, 2 popcorn bags, chocolates, a gallon of water, 5 digital cameras, 1 video camera and a couple of dollars at hand, we made our way to central park. the grass is green, temperature at the 85 degree farenheit, lots of people and half naked boys in skimpy-littlest jogging shorts, this is new york. the new york i have in my mind. park, boys, men, friends, food, digital cam and good company. there we stayed, frolic, dance, do yoga, hear music, do whatever that came up in our minds. i take it back, came in MY mind.

after some time, i got bored and decided to check out the park. also read as checking out the boys. me and my pretty self (shut up! this is my story, no rebutals allowed!) went up the hill and fetch a pail of water. scouting the scenery, i got disappointed on my way to the hill. but like any good story and cake, the cherry and icing is always on the top. 😉 after the trudging, boys galore! hald naked men, boys! basking under the sun just wanting my tanned skin. :p

back to the park… central park is amazing! spanning some 50+ blocks by 20+ blocks, we rode a car just to get on the other end. bethesda fountain is the most amazing part of central park for me. located in central-72nd, the fountain, with it’s angel spanning on top, reminds me of what a perfect sunday is for me. what a group of friends on a sunday afternoon should be doing… strolling. yoga. eating. talking.

i hear monday knocking…


One thought on “eating under the green green grass…

  1. hahaha… natawa ako sa pinagsususulat mo dito! pero inggit pa rin ako kasi nakapunta ka na ng central park. new york!!! meron ba talagang central perk? yung cafe sa friends? 🙂

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