my idea od diet

earlier this evening, noon manila time, a friend IM-ed me and told me that i gain weight! fuck! i gained weight! yippee!!!! now i am going to share to the world how i gained weight. i hope dahon is reading this and pick up some pointers on how to gain weight…

1. eat, eat, eat. never get caught by anyone without food at hand.
2. weekends are spent not doing laundry, but grocery. don’t spend bucks on half the calorie twice the price food. go to the regular counters.
3. hagan daaz is your friend. don’t let other people tell you otherwise. unless ben and his companion jerry comes knocking on the next freezer. how can you resist pistachio and pistachio.
4. don’t get concious oon how many calorie you are taking. reading the back label takes energy. burning the precious calorie you want to keep.
5. go to a hotel with a lousy gym. at least you have an excuse not to do gym.

and if that doesn’t work, i suggest that you spend the whole weekend staring at the tivo with the clicker on the right hand and greasy chinese take-out on the other.

supersize me!


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