bato bato sa langit…

“…ang tamaan, mabukulan sa na!”

sorry i have more than 2 cents, i have 3 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel and 4 pennys. so my ideas runs a wild…

i was browsing the wonderful world of blogging when i came accross the blog site of a person i am in conflict of. we didn’t have a fight, not even an argument, but he gets into my nerve. just because is a closeted gay man who is only fooling himself. no, i don’t have a problem with closeted men, but if everyone knows and you keep on fooling yourself, don’t talk to me. pretention and pretentious is not part of my vocabulary. his blog site is similary equivocal of his other fellow gay man who is not closeted, but rather full of himself. stuff and their 2 cents worth of thought. really, move on! i hate the fact that you are full of shit, and talking to same type of people, that are as well full of shit.

it’s the 18th, saturday. i hear the calling of my bed. MY bed in MY room in manila. i miss my room. i miss my cd collection. i miss my friends. i miss going out. i miss everything comforting about manila and makati. even the fishball stands along ayala ave. and i’m going back home. soon. flight nw71, 10.15pm at NAIA. it’s the pride party. i’ll be celebrating with them by spirit. my body and spirit aches for the comforting hugs of my bed. it’s an old and worn out bed. it’s my parent’s way back. i think 20 years old bed, but i love it. brings back childhood memories that i wouldn’t trade for a 2 floor hotel room here in princeton. the cleaning lady and freedom is a great deal. but the humm of my electric fan beats the airconditioning of the hotel anytime in my opinion.


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