whale riders

it was a lazy saturday night, catching up on my sleep and cash stricken at the same time, i decided to let the group wander around as i stay in my room. jing, a friend we made here in the boro of princeton, came knocking in around 3.00pm and catch up on her sleep. she see some of my officemates off to the airport earlier. the remaining corporate slaves left here agreed to go the free movie screening of an art film in some park. we went there last week to watch amelie which i already saw. with nothing to do, i joined the gang.

around 8.45pm, paul and ronna called. we were off to see the movie. i am a big fan of the independent art film industry. but i really don’t have any idea of what we are seeing. i have this fear of getting bored and be the party pooper for everyone else. specially when i’m bored. but to my suprise, whale rider was an extremely good movie.

the plight of a girl born in a long line of chiefs. a family, town, living in the shadows of tradition and ancient beliefs. pai is an only child to the eldest of the chief. her twin brother and mother died during child birth. filled with sorrow, her father left leaving her in the care of her grandparents. after 12 years, her father came back for her, but she stayed believing that her grandfather needs her. the chief started training the town’s eldest 12 year old boys, denouncing pai’s natural birth right as the chief just because she’s a girl. until the day when the whales, her ancestors’ creature, that carried her family to the island got stranded. believing that this is an omen from his ancestor, the chief was stricken. pai fulfilled her destiny as the whale rider by willing the whale to go back to the ocean, that almost cost her her life.

a very touching movie that will move you. a story about family, tradition, love and the boundaries they exist between them.


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