Living with Grace

Sunday, the same day I got back, with very few hours of sleep; I booked myself for a 2 hour spa treatment. Coffee scrub followed by a deep sports massage at BodyCare. After my soothing spa treatment followed by the customary hot tea, I ventured to my all time favorite hangout, Alabang Town Center. I thought, for me to settle back, I need to do my routine. After a 10 minute walk from the spa to town center, I went to the usual coffee shop, Seattle’s Best, and look for my dear friend Gary. He was not around, so I left my bag at the shop and treated myself to a little CD shopping. I was thirsting for new music. My ear is deaf from the nagging father and son in American Chopper and the vroom-vroom of the soon Mr. Sandra Bullock, Jesse James in Monster Garage. I need culture! I need soul. I went to Tower Records and bought 2 CD. Yippe!!! New sound! Jennifer Lopez and Destiny’s Child is complaining of overuse now. Love.Angel.Music.Baby by Gwen Stefani and the soundtrack of Queer as Folk season 3. I have to give it to Gwen Stefanni and her Hollaback Girl. Makes me wiggle my tush and jump to the dance floor. The soundtrack of Queer as Folk is as good as the show, at least track 1 that will soon complain of overplaying. It is so good that I decided to look for season 1 and 2. Tower Records doesn’t have the CDs. Went back to the shop, met with Kat, had a Java Kullah, went to Festival and had dinner with my mom.

Monday. Still jetlagged, I went to Makati to attend to my mounting credit card bill. Amex is so earning from me. After trips to my back and then to Amex, I went to the office and said hi to the rest of the TMS Tech Arch team. Chit-chat, hi-hellos, I gave my pasalubong to Bugsy. Later going home, I passed by Music 1 and checked out the CDs. I intend to get the season 1 and 2 soundtrack. After 30 minutes of going up and down the soundtrack aisle, I finally gave up looking for the CDs. Then there it was, the 4 of them, staring at me. The cast of Will and Grace, in an album cover. I so love the show. I made it a habit, before, to always catch the show at studio 23. Some track I know, specially Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again. Reminds me of dahon so much. Most of the tracks are of course gay in nature, I Will Survive, Got To Be Real, The Bitch is Back, and some dance track. I was pleasantly surprised by track 2. A Queen’s song, You’re My Bestfriend. But the most of all, that made the album as one of my favorite, is the last track. Sung by Eric McCormack and composed by Barry Manilow and Lyrics by Eric as well. Living with Grace. A 3 minute 30 seconds song that made me cry after hearing it. Yes, I cried over a song. Intrigued? Go hear it! Eric’s vocals is good, didn’t know that he sings. I am falling in love with the song… fat!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Living with Grace

  1. I also love that song!!! Very Barry Manilow…. galeng talaga ni Erick!

    — Anto (die-hard Will & Grace fan)–>

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