Its official, I am rolling off the project! Yippe! After talking to my manager, she agreed that it is in best interest of the project for me to leave. I dont know how to take it, from an angle it seems that they are getting rid of me. But, that is what I want, right? for me to leave the project. Enough second guessing and on to the good news; I am now working my ass off in transitioning everything to the team. Last Friday I did an almost non-stop work from 8.00pm to 5.30am. good thing we had our usual lunch break and taho break to break my work-work-work attitude. Im targeting this 15th, I hope I can with only 2 weeks to prepare and execute the transition. My TMS manager informed me of the numerous projects at bay. I hope Ill be in time for the Canada project. But the most important thing is that I am leaving the project, and that, for me, is enough reason to rejoice and be happy. But I would also be saying goodbye to my new friends in the project. Roselyn, whom I lobbied to be part of the team and my seatmate, jun-jun and his own world the Java team that I am now accustomed to

Ill miss you guys!


2 thoughts on “112063849184129214

  1. Hay buti ka pa… ako nagpaparoll off na dito… lang kwenta. Sana ako din masama sa project na me onshore ulit para masaya.

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