What will you get if you put an out gay with a homophobic prick who thinks that every gay man is after him in the same appartment? Sounds like a hit reality TV show ainít it? The only thing that is missing is cameras stuck in 1624 Riverside Appartment and a 24/7 broadcast to the world. Looks like Pinoy Big Brother would have a competitionÖ

I wasnít really surprised that he was, in both account Ėbeing full of himself and homophobic, like that. What I am surprised is his animosity to gays. Yesterday was the clincher. I was watching Camp, which is a cool-cool movie, and most of the male stars there are portrayed as gay. I happen to be a gay advocate, not because I am gay and all, but I believe in equality, equal opportunity; and his reaction to the movie was horrendous. He didnít even care what the story is about, the life of the people in the movie. All I hear are snide comments of the film being gay. I respect him, his individuality. If he is like that, all I can do is respect him. Right after Camp was Rules of Attraction, another good movie. One, as in singular, of the lead roles is gay who made a pass to a closeted guy. Being closeted that he is (I hate people in hiding!), he beat the crap out of the gay guy when he made a pass at him. And you know what? He, my flatmate, was chanting, nay-coaching the closeted guy to beat the hell out of the other fellah. With his kicking gestures, I look him in the eye. Wide eyed and not batting an eyelash; I was intent of making him aware that I do not like how he is reacting. He got the message and wave peace sign on both hands. That does it; I canít be in a room with this person! Went straight to my room and lock the door. Goodness, he calls gay people freaks!

Fuck! As in mother fucker!


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