ok, fine. after bickering and complaining how unhappy i am at melbourne, here is something positive about the city.

first and foremost, the fashion! people everywhere in their high fashion gear. stilletos and 3-piece suits. and not to mention really amazing dos. i haven’t seen any city like this, not since my japan days. but japanese are overkill when it comes to fashion. this city really really lives and breathes fashion. i saw this girl yesterday when i was doing my grocery. it was a bit chilly, say around 7 centigrade outside. she was wearing a sheer chiffon back dress! imagine, sheer! chiffon! in this cold. she and i share something, fashion above all. now if donita and her mumu dress was here, that would be another fashion statement all together. :p

the city by night, specially by the weekends, is transformed to a drunkards paradise. dunno if this is a good thing. but they live their life, not haplessly like one would conclude. they have a nice sense of humor, unlike the brit’s dry humor. they love to socialize and have a good time. they are a friendly bunch.

like manila and other highly urbanize city, it is a melting pot of race. you’ll see men of different colors and languages. they have embrace multi-cultural diversity and is not affraid of change. well there are occasional discrimanation, but i blame that to their insecurity :p.

and the best of all, Melbourne is a city of culture. there is so much to see, to visit. like the national gallery of victoria, melbourne museum, melbourne zoo, the immigration museum,
the federation square, so much more!

but one thing i’ve come to realize, nothing beats Manila. it’s always the city that i will call home. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “melbourne…

  1. >>but one thing i’ve come to realize, nothing beats Manila.

    predictable. you say this when you don’t meet “someone” new over there. πŸ˜›

    me too, whenever i stay longer than a month in another country, i begin to miss Pinas.

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