a comedy about drama

here is a movie that i would recomend to every musical lover… it’s a haven of precious and classic song of all time musical greats.

the movie itself is not a musical. it didn’t follow the path of musicals but rather cleverly interejected the plot with production numbers that is esential to the movie unlike moulin rouge that just breaks out into a song (sorry moulin rouge fanatics). it tackles the lives of teen agers aspiring to become actors. a summer camp for theather aspirants. here they get to rehearse a play or a musical in 2 weeks and getsto perform them live. and at the end of the intensive camp is a benefit. the movie depics what goes on a set, from the primadona actress to the immensely talented but rather shy actor. the back stabbing and demise-plotting actors that will everything to get the part.

and the best part is steven sondheim. the man himself! in a cameo appearance.

check out the soundtrack. my fave is ladies who lunch and here’s where i stand.


2 thoughts on “a comedy about drama

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