it has been crazy this last few days. you guys know me as the obsessive guy. i have grown accustom the the adtx way of doing business; beating unbeatable deadlines. last thursday i have been part of the enhancement team. it’s a nice feature, you can now recharge your prepaid mobile over the internet. and you can even schedule the recharging of your number in the future. pretty neat huh? anyway… the schedule was trashed up. i have to produce 8 screens (JSP) with its ActionForm, using struts validation framework, unit tested in 4 days. fuck! and to start off, i dunno the framework; i have not been oriented with their architecture. all i know is that they are using struts, grnds (fuck! struts and grnds? grnds is struts based) and spring (fucker… this is already mvc compliant. arghh…). i dunno their utilities, their conventions…

whoever did the project plan for this is deadmeat! then i met paul m. the cr lead who sponsors this change….

ok, no weekend for me… 🙂


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