fashion plate

if you know me, you know i’m crazy about clothes. the right shirt matching the proper pants matching the perfect shoes…

coming here in australia kinda put a pressure on my fashionista register. before i went here, mike who’s from here that’s on a business trip in manila said that everyone here is fashioin conscious. me, the proverbial clothes-r-us pull out my resources… clothes in the closet that i won’t wear on a regular day, my new metrobank visa card (van heusen and memo got a real swipping with this one), my killer shoes, tons of hair products… i won’t be caught dead being the one who’s not blending. now, 6 weeks later, i realized that it was just hyped. indeed they are more fashion savy than the people in rural princeton new jersey-3 piece suits everywhere!, but they are no tokyo japan (still i don’t get their fashion sense) nor paris france.

i over stuffed my luggage with clothes that’s good for a month without repeats, a fashion calendar itemizing what pair to wear on a certain day, 4 different colognes to match my clothes… all for nothing!



2 thoughts on “fashion plate

  1. Gawd with an australian accent? hahaha!
    you should see alvin now…he has your fashion style (the good ones, the short sleeved tight shirt style) ngayon…the world is starting to make sense now…our kind of fashion sense :D!

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