my last sunday in kangaroo land

the saturday prior, i was invited to a party in collingwood area. it was really rocking! and got home around 7.30 am sunday. so i hop on my comfy bed right after and hit the sack. woke up around almost 2 in the afternoon. called room 1514, juannie and ghel’s room and ask them both if they have plans for later. and snitch rice at the same time. i put some thai sweet chili wings in the oven, hit the showers and ate right after. we all decided to tour the city/melbourne.

3 past 5, the three of us hit the road to prahran, the gay capital of melbourne. not to check out guys (not a bad idea though) but to shop! being the gay capital doesn’t mean it’s all boys. it’s also all shops! it was a shopper’s haven! the whole church/chapel st is a shopping strip, left and right with occasional restaurants and coffeshops; how gay. juannie got the bag that i really like from dangerfield and i got myself a cool pink shirt from CM. after a long stretch of walk with occasional stops at some shoe shops, we decided to grab a sandwich from Subway; i really like the spicy italian salami in herb bread. we hop on the first tram that we saw, where ever it was going. we got ourselves an all day sunday special tram pass that takes us to anywhere, zone 1+2+3. we figured that all trams passes through the city. so we took the malvern tram, going to malvern of course. some stations away, everyone was getting off the tram and decided that we do the same. we got off at glenferrie and kooyong. like foreigner idiots, we ran accross the streets like crazy! chasing 1 tram from the other. good thing that i look like chinese/japanese, i faked my accent and started speaking like a chinese gone mad/lost in the big city. πŸ˜‰ we saw a kew tram, juannie suggested to get on this because it’s last stop would be st. kilda beach. sounds nice, so up we go. 1 station, 2 stations…. last stop, depot! we were on the other end of the tram line! acting all cool and collected, we waited for another tram.

Tram 109 it says on the top, Box Hill via city. juannie, again, said that we should get on this, deducting that it will pass in the city. a long and dreary ride to the suburbs. we got to the box hill station. on the other end again! away from the city. ok, ok, we rode the same tram again. 109 is going to port melbourne, the other end. it will definitely pass the city. so we stayed put. chuga-chuga choo choo! all the way to… kew depot! it wasn’t going to port melbourne! only upto kew depot. well at least we were on the right track, literally! the next tram is 30 minutes away. against the cold wind and dark alleys, we sang our christmas carols to our heart’s content. faithfully 109 passed and took us to collins and swanston station. πŸ™‚

never arm a pinoy with an all day tram pass to anywhere. they will literally go anywhere!


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