ok, i admit it. i am an addict. i have a substance abuse problem. i have a compulsion-a costly compulsion. i have this little problem you see. just little… i tend to shop. the sweet sound of plastic swiping to a validating machine, asking the evil to allow me to spend more…

earlier, me and juanie decided to get out of the dump we were in-the office. we walked along swantsons st towards starbucks. i am addicted to coffee, i can’t go on a day without coffee-and a slice of blueberry cheesecake ;). venti drip coffee, blueberry cheesecake, $7.50 down the drain. juanie was having her monthy curse so i let her lead the way. she took the little collins way to elizabeth st. walk walk walk then something spoke to me. “enter”… “enter”… it whispered. i look on my right and saw… shoes! amazing, amazing shoes! at myers. i has really looking for a good shoe shop here that suit my style and the pants i bought at yd. it’s a bit on the fatigue-brown shade, it goes well with the bunch of black shoes that i have at home but it looks amazing on brown shoes. and i haven’t got one. so i was on the hunt for the perfect brown shoes. i entered with a venti coffee at my right and cheesecake that my left. looking, appreciating the lovely beauties on the rack, talking to me so softly, so gently… 2 styles stoodout, their voices louder than the others. both amazing craftmanship, beautiful soft brown leather, european cut… but alas only one will grace my foot and be called as the SHOE.

with a myers bag in tow, i am now $330 poorer and a brown shoes richer. 😉


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