where did my money gone to…

yesterday i decided to visit tower records in glorietta. it’s just accross the building i am in now-telstra have moved to the 6750 bldg while i was in melbourne. i am a chronic cd collector, specially that of julia fordham and janet jackson. however i don’t the latest cd of janet, i am having second thoughts of buying that. my mom told me that if you have second thoughts, don’t. mother knows best… i am eager to grab hold to the new album of kelly clarkson. after listening to it in the plane-in flight movies was not of my taste- i decided to have my own copy. to my dismay there’s none. none in music one and none in astroplus. all they have is the first album. hmmm… i shifted my gaze to the dvds instead. there in the shelves are my missing audrey hepburm titles to complete my hepburn collection-paris when it sizzles and sabrina. i already have breakfast at tifanys, funny face and a roman holiday. a snatch the 2 dvds and continued my dvd gazing…

back at home, i started to organize mg collections… i need a new cd rack, a new dvd rack and shoe bags.

then it hit me, how much does these things cost. how much dough did i shell out for these collectibles? good thing i learn how to use quicken and microsoft wallet.

shoes – PhP 275,500.00
CDs – PhP175,000.00
DVDs – PhP85,000.00

i did a quicken report for my clothes expenses, don’t ask me how much. i need a chair, i’m dizzy…


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