too much drama

lately i have been the drama-queen as told by my friends. and i have to admit that i was, ok, am. but one could not be held accountable to the strings of events.i am merely a pawn, ok, a queen to this game of chess. though i am not purely decorative, i still can’t help but to feel like a minion of someone.

break! i want to have a break…

on a different note, the melbourne assignment is no longer on the plate (yehey! i escpared!) but i might go to angkara turkey and spend christmas there. dahon go to germany na so we could visit each other.


One thought on “too much drama

  1. bading, serious?!?!?! turkey?!?!?! astiiiig! but i would still spend christmas in the philippines. nothing beats christmas at home. 🙂

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