comedy about drama v2.1

i so love the movie camp that i decided to buy the sound track and the dvd. however i was in australia then and there’s no, bitch! i was contemplating of having it shipped either to my australia address or back home in manila. the steep shipping fee kept me at bay. i was reminding myself of the wonderful sound, glorious acting and witty onliners…

last week, i slept over at dahon‘s. ofcourse we did what we do best, shop! i bought this really appealing versace sun glasses that she disapproves because of this brandname “versace” emblazoned at the sides. well it suites my style perfect and compliments my already beautiful face (shut up people, this is my blog not yours). we bought her oh-so-gorgeous mustard yellow shoes and a brand new phone. famished with all the walking and trying stuff, we went to her place. i brought my laptop with me; i will download the soundtrack. i’ll have that soundtrack one way or the other :p. squabling to find the driver of the globe dsl; no driver still… i ended up buying a prepaid internet card. dahon downloads the stuff for me while i breeze through the wide world of freedom of speech and expression :p downloading on her computer, me pushing the freedom of expression more, we decided to start watching 6 feet under; i brought the season 1 with me. this is supposed to be a dvd marathon anyway.

she found comfort on the cynic claire, i have my camp soundtrack. everyone’s happy. πŸ™‚


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