my weekend…

ayoko na… i won’t go back there. every time i go there, i walk out smelling like ash tray. keeps reminding me the cramp smoking area at narita airport… so my resolve is not to go to that bar again.

earlier that day… i went online and saw dahon‘s google talk id, i message her hoping she’s around (her status says that she did yoga) and she was. chit-chat… we agreed to meet-up later that afternoon together with babaeng bakla. i fell back asleep and woke-up later than our planned meet up time. i texted the goddess of payatas and apologized. quickly took a shower and met up with the 2 beautiful soul, some 3 hours later than our intended appointment. ate at javaman. my former crushie was there, all smile after seeing me (hehehe, kilig!) take not former. i ordered my usual, half and half. half veggie panini and half pomodoro. the pomodoro was not as good as it used to be but the panini is still my fave. i ordered dessert as well, sansrival which was served first. dahon had blueberry cheesecake that according to her was ok naman. i’m a sansrival person… after dinner i offered treating the gals coffee for my being late, consuelo de bobo as my late father would say. dahon and i had the chamomile tea and anto had the mint tea. i was able to convince anto not to go to the province, we all went back to dahon’s place and watched dvd. well me and anto that is, sleepy head rose just checked her mails and dozed off. we started watching sideways which according to the New York Times is the best comedy of 2004. however just some 10 minutes of the movie, makati cinema square emerges (hehehehe, ask rose). we switched movies to before sunset, sequel of before sunrise. the movie was refreshing, witty and just about right after tea. we eased ourselves out of dahon’s mansion. anto went back to reposo and i paid PhP300.00 to get in to the giant ash tray.

after ash tray… 5.03am-2005.11.13, darwin texted me that he was outside the giant ash tray. good, time to go home. i excused myself from my company (dapat lang) and went home together with darwin. i got home (as in bahay namin) around 3.00PM, time for a nap. so tired… checked my mails and said hi to some online friends. woke-up around 8.30PM, just in time for dinner and Will & Grace. Online again and some more fun things to do… which ended at half past 12 midnight.

today… pagod ako… and i am the lecturer for today and tomorrow’s struts presentation. fingers crossed, i can get by today intact.


2 thoughts on “my weekend…

  1. ashuuuu….kaya naman tayo kumain dyan sa javaman na yan, another form of stalking naman to eh! seattles best alabang town center circa 2003 comes to mind.

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