dalaga na si maxim!

yesterday i was so pissed (read blog below) that i felt i couldn’t do anything anymore. i decided to join aj and roselyn to watch the acclaimed pagdadalaga ni maximo olivares. i have to say the movie is very refreshing. very original, a movie that is all about heart. it is indeed a gay movie but it’s not about sex, it’s not your stereo-typical gay movies-male prostitutes and their plight in the world. it’s about a young boy, or girl in this regard and his day to day life; falling in love, a family of brute men, a society that allows him to be who he is.

there are many scenes in the movie that i liked, but for me the best one was with his kuya bogz (played by the multi talented son of pen medina, ping medina). when bogz was consoling maxim after kuya victor ignored him completely. the emotions shared between 2 completely opposite people; here it shows that love, be it shared with 2 lovers or family, is a language that is understood by everyone, in any walk of life. i almost cried during this scene…

but the most fun scene for me was the last scene. maxim walking to school as kuya victor sitting on his jeep… just walking, walking, almost turning his head to catch a glance… but keeping his pride high, kept on walking… haba ng buhok mo!


3 thoughts on “dalaga na si maxim!

  1. pwede ka sa friday? text mo ko ha kung sama ka.. we’ll be catching the 930 screening sa glorietta… 😉

    see yah on saturday!–>

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