today is the last day of the JDS-EE (Java Developer School-Enterprise Edition). though this doesn’t mean that i’ll be reporting back to makati, my manager told me to still report to the TMS lab. the end of the school only means that i have to make 7 pff/dcf and that today is the last day i play as an instructor.

i won’t be going to turkey this month, but on january, God willing. so i can rest my wings a bit longer. well not really rest, my new personal trainor is hard as hell and is bent to make me bigger. bigger meaning heavier. that’s my goal for this year, to be heavier. i like a lot heavier, well whatever is achievable. i like him far better than my previous trainor-he knows how to get to me and motivate me to go an extra mile. or an extra count or 2.

tomorrow me and the girls will watch aspect of love in republic of malate. hopepully it won’t rain. i hate going to malate when it rains. late dinner afterwards, catching up and gossiping with our other friends. dahon will be the one who’ll research on the restaurant while anto will be the one in charge of getting the tickets. me, all i have to do is to be my beautiful self. how hard can that be? might go clubbing after. no, not at bed. i have developed an allergy to ziggy smoke. makes me teary eyed and bloodshot. and i don’t drink alcohol anymore… is there a non-smoking, non-alcoholic bar in town?

schizo is wearing fab shoes. brown be it may, still fab i say. might drop by at the shop where he got that. checkout some footwear for the tms christmas party. i’m hosting the party! with another friend, juanie.

i’m sad, i dunno why, but i am.


3 thoughts on “113350082572247518

  1. oy, isama nyo ako! hehehe… wish ko lang.

    naks, host ka ulet? reminds me of a christmas party a long long time ago. πŸ˜‰

    uy, bakit ka sad? cheer up! mwah!

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