just got home, internet’s doing fine, so far…

earlier, like saturday afternoon earlier, the people from smart-wifi came knocking at our front gate, while i was having my home service sports massage. my internet at home was off for the whole week! a whole week of internet-less, surf-less nights! after some very angry calls i made at their tech support, they sent these guys to finally fix their erring circuitry. i was described as “irate”, it says so in the job order which i have to sign after they finished-repairing that is. after an hour, internet’s up and running. the freaking receiver (antennae) got misalligned for the base port so i’m not getting any signal at all. they upgraded my receiver for a 360 degree loop. good, i don’t want to go up our roof everytime the blasted receiver gets misalligned. reconfigured the wireless network again-new antennae needs new authentication. the whole shebang finished past 4, i immediately shower to meet dahon and neth for our play thingy.

everybody from the south seems to long for the busy life in the city, traffic on the SLEX was bad! to top that, the airconditioning of the bus i’m in was half working. the usual 30-minute ride from alabang to makati took 1 hour and so. i was late for about 10-15 minutes. dahon was later. it seems that if you live nearer the area where you’ll meet, you are bound to be later. called her when i got to glorietta 4. she’ll pass by auntie anne’s for some pretzel and neth is in powerbooks na. i ashed ker to buy my the almond crusted pretzel, pang-tawid gutom. hopped on to a cab going to republic of malate where the play, aspects of love, is being played. on transit we were talking what us girls do best, shopping. where to buy, when to buy, what to buy…

some 30 minutes we were at roma (republic of malate dears). the doors won’t open till 7.30pm, i took the girls for a quick tour of malate. showing them the main streets (nakpil, mabini, adriatico). our tickets was at the orchestra-free seating. scouting the best angle to watch and be suprised, we settled on the left orchestra, 2nd to the last row.

the play took 3 hours with a 15 minute recess. we, at least me, were hungry, so hungry i can eat the lead character alex. did i say he’s yummy? :p i’ll spare you the blog of the play, i’ll leave that to the 2 more abled people i am with. i was too hungry to fully appreciate the play. but i really like the julieta-i have this thing with off beat characters. i find them more interesting.

with a 10.45pm reservation, we were supposed to eat at blue frog along nakpil, a french bistro. however the play ended at 11.15pm and we got at blue frog by 11.30. still open but no one dining, i asked the wait staff if it is still ok, but we begged off since it would take us more than 2 hours for dinner. 3 girls with a growling stomach and a cupboard full of stories-this is at least 1.5 hours worth of dinner time. we transfered to casa armas, also in nakpil. ordered tabla de quezo and salad for starters, salpicao and callos for our main course and 4 cups of rice. 2 for me and 1 for each girls. i have to say this, their bread was to die for! we thought the tabla de quezo was a cheese platter of at least 3 kinds. it was in fact quezo de bola (sliced of course) presented in a tabla (choppingboard) with cabbage. hungry, we gorge on it immediately. the salad came in later, together with the main course, still hungry, we picked on the main course instead. the callos is good. eating, gossiping, light chatting, admiring malate for its charms-not only to pinoys but to foreigners as well, praying that the 3 guitarist would leave, praying that the group of noisy foreigners would hush… bugsy arrived before 1.00am. we wanted something sweet, paid our bill and transfered. me and neth wanted coffee so it’s either starbucks or cafe adriatico. starbucks is full (no brainer!) and so is adriatico. went straight up to the smoking section-of adriatico, were luckily no one was smoking. i ordered brewed coffee and the pili pie, soon more coffee, a chocolate cake, crepe samurai, chocolate ah! and a molten lava chocolate was on the table. like i told them, so did they agreed, over rated. more stories, bugsy mixing with the girls, admiring the busy remedios circle with girls in cheerleading oufit and guys in basketball jersey handing out flyers-how do you meassure their productivity? one asked. we bid the girls bye around 2 in the morning while bugsy and i went to hit the bar scene. 2.00am is too early for a saturday night, or a sunday morning.

we went to bed againsts the wishes of my fragile eyes that developed an allergy with ziggy smokes. i was wearing my I heart NY pokpok shirt. i felt good with my new hard earned poundage-heavy lifting, trainor led 6 pounds heavier me. lots of flirting :p. i didn’t drink, i don’t put alcohol into my system anymore, papa trainor wouldn’t like that. i gave my drink stub to bugsy.

dance, pa-cute, dance, pa-cute, pa-cute, dance, dance… a really hot guy told me i’m masarap. the guy i’m flirting for more than a year now-winks, faces, eye contact, hand brushes-went over. we lost contact when i was on my us and australia assignment. we finally talked. hi, hellos, your hot, where did you go type of conversation. i still don’t know his name, but he stole a kiss from me, and went upstairs. i saw him again later and i stole a kiss from him in return. i think that’s better than a name…


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